Fruity Chutes and Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing Announce UAS Parachute Recovery System Reseller Agreement

Fruity Chutes, a manufacturer of recovery systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has announced that Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing (CSSM) of Ronkonkoma, NY, is now an authorized reseller of Fruity Chutes UAV Recovery systems.

The agreement with Fruity Chutes will allow CSSM to sell the Fruity Chutes systems directly to its customers as well as to integrate the Fruity Chutes Drone Recovery Systems into the Drone and UAS system offerings that CSSM markets to law enforcement, government, and commercial operators.

“As our customers begin to use these very capable Unmanned Systems for more complex missions, having the Fruity Chutes system installed on their UAVs will greatly increase the safety of these missions by having a means to recover the UAV in the event of a system failure, collision, or other catastrophic event, protecting those on the ground,” said Scott E. Ashton, CSSM President and CEO.  “Our customers are highly sophisticated and experienced users of UAS, so they are demanding the kind of integrated safety systems that Fruity Chutes provides.”

In announcing the Reseller agreement, Fruity Chutes CEO Gene Engelgau said “We are pleased that CSSM recognizes the value that the Fruity Chutes system provides to those who operate UAS for complex missions. One of our core values is to educate the UAS world on the importance of safety recovery systems. We look forward to working with CSSM and sharing our knowledge.“


Fruity Chutes manufactures a complete line of drone recovery systems for all types of UAS installations by those who demand exceptional quality, have exacting requirements and expect exceptional service.

About Fruity Chutes

Fruity Chutes is a manufacturer of premium quality parachutes for Aerospace, Consumers, Institutional, University and Corporate customers who demand exceptional quality, have exacting requirements and expect exceptional service. Our parachutes are used for all types of Rocketry, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) Parachutes, Multirotor and Multicopter Parachutes, Drones Parachutes and RC Control Aircraft Parachutes, and Balloon Research. All our product are US made from US materials.  For more information contact Fruity Chutes at, or

About Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing

Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing is an authorized DJI Distributor of sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Systems for Law Enforcement, Civil, and Commercial applications.  CSSM’s offerings include DJI systems, training, maintenance, Part 107 certifications, and Safety Management Systems. CSSM is a FAA/EASA certified Part 145 with an Unlimited Rating for Class I Mechanical, Class II Electrical and Class III Electronic accessories.  For more information, visit or contact CSSM at +1-631-981-2600, email at

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